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Coconut Oil 250ml

Rs. 210.00 Rs. 220.00

About The Product
• Coconut oil or copra oil is extracted from the kernels of the coconut. Because of its high saturated fat content,
• It is slow to oxidize and hence can live up to six months at room temperature without spoiling.
• It contains a lot of medium triglycerides, which have therapeutic effects on brain disorders.
• Contain lauric acid and fatty acids.
• Light aroma and pure white in color. It is good for hair, massaging, etc.

Ingredients / Composition
• Coconut Oil

Nutritional Info
• calories: 121.
• protein: 0 g
• fat: 13.5 g
• saturated: 11.2 g .
• cholesterol: 0 milligrams (mg).

General Information
• Country: INDIA
• Shelf Life:12 Months
• Condition: Dry
• Food: VEG
• Package-type: Pouch
• FSSAI Number: 10820005000485